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You’ve just arrived in Belgium? Welcome!

O.N.E. offers you free medical and social support for your pregnancy, as well as free preventative care of your child's health until the age of 6.

O.N.E. also offers preventative health monitoring for children at school and recreational activities, before or after school hours and during school holidays.


Expecting a baby?

Prenatal consultations

These consultations are open to all future parents and are in some hospitals and in some municipalities (communes).

You will be welcomed by a gynaecologist or a midwife and a medical-social worker whom we call “PEP's” (Partenaire Enfants-Parents in French).

They will monitor your pregnancy, the baby's development, and your health as a mother-to-be.

The doctor will order a series of tests (blood tests, ultrasound scans) necessary to monitor your pregnancy.

PEP's will be happy to answer your questions and give you all the information you need about your pregnancy, childbirth, nutrition for pregnant women, etc.


You have young children?

Consultations for children

O.N.E.'s consultations for children offer you preventative care (vaccinations and growth monitoring).  They are free of charge and open to all parents and children aged 0 to 6 years.

Their aim is to check your child's good health. A team of doctors, PEP's and volunteers will welcome you, by appointment, to carry out a series of medical examinations (vaccinations, eye and ear testing, etc.).

They will also answer to all your questions and can provide consistent parenting information.

Many activities are also organised in these consultations (games, reading, thematic activities, etc.) which make it easier to meet other parents.


Who are O.N.E.'s PEP's?

The O.N.E. Child and Parent Partner is a medical and social worker.  You can count on them to be at your side for all the questions you might have as a parent or future parent.

Our professionals are trained as nurses, midwives or social workers.  You will find them everywhere in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

They offer you personalised support, adapted to your needs through our prenatal and child consultations, but also at your place of stay.


Looking for a place in a crèche?

Crèches (also known as nurseries or kindergarten) are collective day-care facilities that welcome young children during the day until their start going to school (expected at 2.5/3 years), without their parents being present. The early childhood professionals meet the needs of the children in adapted and secure premises. They are also available to listen to parents.

A list of crèches likely to welcome your child is available from O.N.E. and at the commune.


Your child is of school age (2.5 - 18 years)

Is your child going to school?

During his/her schooling, he/she will be able to benefit from a preventive medical follow-up: a health check-up (weight/height measurements, visual and auditory screening, screening for possible diseases). Also, he/she will be able to have a vaccination check-up and a health check-up, by medical and paramedical professionals: Health promotion at school (P.S.E. – aka Promotion de la Santé à l’école).


Extracurricular activities

During the week:

Activities before and after school and on Wednesday afternoons are organised mainly in schools for children aged 2.5 to 12. Enrolment is done via the schools (financial arrangements to be discussed at the time of enrolment).

If you are looking for school support, the homework schools (E.D.D. – aka écoles De Devoirs) welcome children from 6 years old after school. The E.D.Ds offer tutoring and activities that promote the development and growth of children and young people. Registration often takes place at the beginning of the school year.

During the school holidays:

During the spring, summer, autumn, winter and leisure holidays, children can participate in residential activities (stays or camps) and non-residential activities (all day with a return home in the late afternoon). These activities are fun and accessible to all.

For advice and information on the possibilities in your area, contact the Commune or the Commune's extracurricular activities (A.T.L. aka Accueil temps libre) coordination.

Check out our brochure "Care for children in their free time: what activities for your child?"


How to find us?

We are active in every municipality of the Wallonia Brussels Federation.

To obtain support from O.N.E., you can:

  • Contact one of our sub-regional administrations:

Bruxelles => Phone : 02/511.47.51 ; Mail : asr.bruxelles(at)

Namur => Phone : 081/72.36.00 - 081/72.36.02 ; Mail : asr.namur(at)

Liège => Phone : 04/344.94.94 ; Mail : asr.liege(at)

Luxembourg => Phone : 061/23.99.60 ; Mail : asr.luxembourg(at)

Brabant Wallon => Phone : 02/656.08.90 ; Mail : asr.brabant.wallon(at)

Hainaut => Phone : 065/39.96.60 ; Mail : asr.hainaut(at)

  • Ask for support from O.N.E. at the Commune/Public Centre for Social Action (C.P.A.S.) where you live
  • Consult our website


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