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Set up a childcare activity in Belgium

What do you need to do if you want to set up a childcare activity in the French speaking Community of Belgium? Start preparing your application now!

Citizen Mobility in Europe provides you with basic information on how to set up a childcare activity in the French speaking Community of Belgium. Here is some general information on the subject:


Two types of early childhood day-care facilities

There are two categories of childcare facilities in the French speaking Community of Belgium:

  • Childminders or co-childminders;
  • Crèches (kindergarten), which have organisational power in the form of a legal entity and hire the appropriate staff.


What to do?


First, check whether you have the necessary qualifications. Here are the recognised diplomas.



You must obtain an authorisation from ONE The location of the childcare facility will be assessed to obtain this authorisation. The file can therefore only be examined once you have a location in the French speaking Community of Belgium. ONE gives you the opportunity to follow a preparatory process (2024).

ONE.’s legislation will provide for the verification of several conditions required to deliver quality childcare for young children.


Legislation in the interests of the child

You will have to meet legal and quality requirements, develop a childcare activity project, etc.



It is sometimes possible to apply for funding (Stork Plan aka Plan Cigogne +5200). The granting of subsidies is not automatic.

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